Crisis, decline, degradation. One third of Russian students expressed a desire to emigrate

The war with Ukraine plunged Russia into chaos and crossed out the possibility of a prosperous life in the country, according to the results of a survey of students commissioned by the presidential administration and the government of the Russian Federation, “Important Stories” found out.

Respondents were asked whether they supported the so-called “special operation” which refers to the invasion of Ukraine; whether there is a threat of an attack on Russia; and what emotions they feel when thinking about their country, whether they want to leave.

Among the emotions among students, anxiety and fear dominate – 36% say so, about 20% feel indignation and disappointment, and 25% still retain hope. Only 12-14% of respondents are proud of Russia.

Students were also asked to choose one or more words that best describe the current situation in Russia. The most popular were “crisis” (44%) – this is the first answer in all universities – and “fall” (32%). “Revival” and “stability” were selected only 16% and 8% of the time, respectively.

One third of the students expressed a desire to emigrate. At most universities, this ratio ranges from 14% to 24%, and at the University of Economics, 58% of students feel this way.

Respondents were also asked to choose the most important concepts for them. More than half attributed them to “love, relationships and family”, as well as “self-realization and diverse development”, 47% – material well-being. The fewest students are interested in “participating in the life of Russia and supporting the state” – 10%. In addition, only 19% gained “respect for the country, its history and traditional values” that Vladimir Putin defends so much.

When asked what the leadership of Russia should take care of first of all, 69% of students answered: “developing the economy, ensuring the well-being of citizens, improving the quality of life.” And only 13% believe that “state power, military power and influence on international processes” should be a priority for the authorities.

The survey was conducted at over 500 universities. At the same time, 30 of them are located in the occupied regions of Ukraine – mainly universities, institutes and academies in the territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, occupied since 2014.


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