Crimea was attacked by nine drones every night

On the night of June 3-4, nine drones were neutralized in Crimea, said the head of the republic, Sergei Aksyonov. According to him, the air defense forces shot down five enemy UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).

Four more drones were blocked and planted with Electronic Warfare (EW). Due to the fall of one of them in the city of Dzhankoy, windows were broken in three private houses and two cars.

Another drone was found on the premises of one of the private farms, which did not explode after falling. In connection with this incident, a decision was made to evacuate 50 people. Then specialists carried out demining to ensure the safety of local residents.

The leader of Crimea appealed to citizens to trust only trusted sources of information and to remain calm. He stressed that in such a difficult situation it is important to seek information only from official sources in order to avoid the spread of untrue rumors and panic among the population.

In early May, the authorities reported the sound of explosions in the Dzhankoy area. Then the Russian authorities of the Crimea reported on the work of air defense of the Russian Federation. There is a large Russian military base near Dzhankoy.


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