Children of key participants in the war with Ukraine celebrated the New Year in Dubai

The children of the two main participants in the war with Ukraine – Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and his weapons supplier, head of Rostec Sergei Chemezov – chose to celebrate the New Year holidays in the warmth of the United Arab Emirates.

The daughter of the Minister of Defense, Ksenia Shoigu, was noticed in the largest and one of the most expensive shopping centers in Dubai – Dubai Mall. It is located next to the tallest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa. She was also at TopGolf Dubai on January 9th.

Journalist Sergei Yezhov found out from an Instagram photo that Shoigu’s daughter was resting at the Caesars Palace Dubai hotel, a room in which costs about 40 thousand rubles per night. Ksenia Shoigu continues to work as an adviser to the deputy chairman of Gazprombank, manages the venture fund of AFK Sistema and restores abandoned forts in Kronstadt with the Ministry of Defense

Celebrated the holidays in the UAE and Sergei Chemezov Jr., who fell under US and EU sanctions. On January 9, he performed with a DJ set at Soul Beach Dubai, which opened last year. The Soul Beach Club overlooks a blue lagoon with perfect sand. Its DJs offer an eclectic mix of house music styles, and the menu is filled with chefs inspired by the culinary arts of the south of France – decadent dishes with an emphasis on French Riviera seafood: fresh nicoise, classic Provencal bouillabaisse and grilled lobster with spiced butter.

Earlier, in the midst of the mobilization, Chemezov Jr. held an event in Moscow under the slogan World Peace “in order to briefly close ourselves off from the negativity surrounding us all.” The event included DJ sets, skateboarding and beer ping pong tournaments. The gifts were stylized under the military theme. For the first place in the competition, Chemezov promises a World Peace T-shirt, and for the second – a balaclava.


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