Brent could return to the $80.16-$80.77 range

Jul 19 (Reuters) – Brent crude could bounce back into the $80.16-$80.77 range as it may have resumed its uptrend.

Tuesday’s strong rebound crossed the uptrend line. Thus, the uptrend is considered saved. The fall from $81.75 – the high of July 13 – was a return to a steady range of $71.28 – $78.76.

The uptrend is likely to continue to $86. A realistic target might be $80.77 or $81.75. Support is at $79.18 and a break below which could open the way to the $77.60-78.39 range.

On the daily chart, the uptrend is more or less controlled by a set of downtrend projection levels from $125.19. The wave pattern suggests the development of wave c which is part of a large flat pattern developing from $70.12.

This wave could reach $86.54. After breaking below $77.56, there could be a deep drop to $73.82.

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