Brazil declares state of emergency after coup attempt

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva declared a state of emergency in the country’s capital until the end of January after an attempted coup. The corresponding decree published on my own twitter.

Late in the evening of January 8, supporters of Jair Bolsonaro, who lost the presidential election, seized the buildings of the National Congress, several ministries, the Supreme Court and the presidential Palace of Planalto. “Whoever did this will be found and punished. <...> There is no precedent in the history of the country for what they have done today. For this they should be punished.” noted yes Silva.

According to the Brazilian Ministry of Justice, local police detained about 200 people for participating in the riots in the capital. Law enforcement officers used tear gas against protesters armed with sticks and stones and regained control over government buildings, writes O Globo. All detainees face up to 12 years in prison.

The actions of Bolsonaro’s supporters are absurd and anti-democratic, said Brazilian Minister of Justice and Public Security Flavio Dino. He emphasized that “an attempt to impose the will by force will not prevail.” The US, EU and Latin American countries condemned the riots in the capital of Brazil.

In the fall of 2022, the country’s former president (2003-2010) da Silva again led Brazil in the second round of voting, winning by a narrow margin – 50.8% of the vote against 49.2%. He defeated the incumbent head of state, Bolsonaro. On November 22, Bolsonaro filed a complaint with Brazil’s highest electoral court against the results of the vote, complaining about the incorrect operation of electronic ballot boxes. However, his claim was not satisfied.

On January 1, against the backdrop of a split in the country between supporters of da Silva and Bolsonaro, the inauguration of President da Silva took place in Brazil. The Bolsonarists said back in the summer that they would not allow “stealing the elections” and hinted at the “capitol march” by supporters of former US President Donald Trump, which they carried out in January 2021 after losing the election, says electoral lawyer Anton Timchenko.

Now da Silva can not only retain power, but also use the situation to his advantage, the expert believes. He draws attention to the fact that protests broke out after da Silva officially took office and was recognized by all world leaders. At the same time, Bolsonaro is in the United States, which could lead to the marginalization of the leaders of the protests, Timchenko emphasizes.


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