Biden will announce a new $375 million aid package for Ukraine at the G7 summit

US President Joe Biden will announce another $375 million in military aid to Ukraine, sources say Politician. This will happen after his meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the G7 summit in Hiroshima.

The package will contain ammunition for artillery, armored vehicles and anti-tank weapons. Such equipment has been delivered to Kiev by the United States and allies in the past, but it is essential for heavy fighting in the spring and summer.

The US has already provided dozens of military aid packages to Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion. In early May, the Pentagon estimated total support at $35.7 billion.

On May 20, Zelensky arrived in Hiroshima. “Japan. G7. Meetings with Ukraine’s partners and friends are important. Security and enhanced cooperation for our victory. Today the world will come closer,” he wrote on his Telegram channel.

Earlier, the Pentagon reported that the ministry had just over $2.3 billion left over, which the president could allocate to finance military aid for Ukraine as part of his powers. However, it was recently revealed that the Biden administration made an accounting error in the last count, overstating the cost of the gun. In particular, during deliveries in Washington, the cost of replacing the weapons with new ones was taken into account, instead of estimating the cost of the equipment actually transferred. Thus, as a result of the detected error, the United States received an additional $3 billion in military aid to Ukraine.

The White House feared that funds to support Kiev would run out by mid-summer, after which the administration might have difficulty releasing new packages. But the extra $3 billion will suffice until the end of the fiscal year, which falls at the end of September.


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