Belgorod authorities refused to pay compensation for the shelling of “rich” residents

The mansions in the Belgorod region, which require large investments and suffered from the shelling of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, cannot be restored at the expense of the budget. The governor of the region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, spoke about this at an operational meeting, citing a lack of funds.

The regional government will continue to renovate the roofs and windows of affected homes, but will not pay to renovate expensive items such as swimming pools, aquariums and cars.

“It seems fair to me that we meet halfway and make increased commitments primarily to those on medium and low incomes. If someone can buy a house for 30-50 million rubles, buy a car for 10-20 million rubles – this is a slightly different story, ”explained Gladkov. In residential buildings damaged by shellingLasti, above all, close the thermal cycle: they renew windows, doors and roofing.

The head of the administration of the Belgorod region, Vladimir Pertsev, explained that these were two “rich houses” in the elite district of the village of Nizhny Olshanets. These houses were destroyed by Ukrainian shelling last November.

From the very beginning of the war, the Belgorod region has been under fire from the Ukrainian side. From May, the attacks became regular and intense. Most of the “arrivals” are in border towns and villages – Graivoron, Shebekino, Valuyki and Novaya Tavolzhanka. The region has been declared a “yellow” (high) terrorist threat level. A state of emergency was introduced in 15 border towns.


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