Bashkir contract soldier sentenced to five years for refusing to fight in Ukraine

The Ufa garrison military court sentenced 24-year-old corporal Marcel Kandarov, who refused to fight in Ukraine, to five years in a penal colony. He was found guilty of leaving the military unit for more than a month during the period of mobilization (part 5 of article 337 of the Criminal Code).

In May 2022, Kandarov, “not wanting to take part in a special military operation,” did not appear in the unit. The police found and detained him only in September.

The article under which the contract soldier was convicted was tightened in the fall of 2022 after the announcement of mobilization in Russia. Then the concepts of “mobilization” and “martial law” were introduced into the criminal code. Her maximum punishment increased to 10 years in prison.

At the end of December, another contractor from Bashkortostan was sentenced to three years under the same article. Salavat Mirasov was supposed to return to the military unit from vacation in July, but he arrived only in October.

At the same time, Aleksey Breusov, a Kamchatka contract soldier, was sentenced to a year and eight months in a colony-settlement. He was found guilty under Part 2.1 of Art. 332 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (failure to comply with the order of the chief during martial law, in wartime or in conditions of armed conflict).

From January to early December 2022, the courts received 948 cases of unauthorized abandonment of the unit. During this time, 790 sentences were passed on them. AT In 2021, there were 605 of them, in 2020 – 577. Their number began to grow noticeably in the summer.


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