Azerbaijan reduces oil and gas condensate production to 32.7 million tons in 2022

BAKU, Jan 18 (Reuters) – Azerbaijan’s oil and gas condensate production in 2022 fell to 32.7 million tons from 34.6 million tons a year earlier, the State Statistics Committee said. Natural gas production rose to 46.7 billion cubic meters from 43.9 billion cubic meters. Below are the indicators of oil and gas production in Azerbaijan: 2022 2021 Oil and gas condensate production (million tons) 32.7 34.6 including: commercial oil 32.6 34.5 Natural gas production (billion cubic meters) 46.7 43 .9 including: commercial gas (billion cubic meters) 34.9 32.6 (Nailya Bagirova. Editor Dmitry Antonov)


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