As a result of the fighting in the Belgorod region, 8 people were injured

Eight people were injured in the Belgorod region as a result of an attack by saboteurs from Ukraine, there were no fatalities, said governor Vyacheslav Gladkov. Three people were injured in Grayvoron, two in Głotowo and one woman in Zamość.

He added that most of the population of the epicenter of events – Grayvoron and nearby villages – had left the territory, noting that the situation remained “extremely tense”.

According to the VChK-OGPU, there were twice as many victims. Among them are 8 military and 8 civilians, the channel gives their names. They all ended up in hospitals.

At the moment, the battle is raging in the Grayvoron District, residents are leaving en masse, Astra’s eyewitnesses confirmed.
Also organized evacuation to Glotowo. One resident complained to Gladkov on a social networking site that her father “is now under fire”, not contacting, and the official in charge of the evacuation allegedly left the man in the village.

In the settlements of Kozinka and Głotowo, fights with saboteurs are underway, writes Baza. In the latter, the shooting also takes place in a residential area. People hiding in the basements of buildings. There is no electricity or water in the settlements. Due to the intense shootings, the evacuation of residents is not yet possible.


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