“Angara maniac” who killed 80 people asked to go to war in Ukraine

Former policeman from Angarsk Mikhail Popkov, sentenced to two life terms for the murder of more than 80 people, announced his desire to go to war in Ukraine. He said in an interview with Vesti-Irkutsk that he had a dream – “to get into the army.”

Popkov recently confessed to two more murders, after which he was transferred from Mordovia to Irkutsk. He noted that right now he is not going to the army, because it is winter in the yard, and participation in hostilities is “not a computer toy and not an art book.” “Just after a warm room to be in a cold trench … How many people will be enough there?” Popkov explained.

In the spring, he would, “without hesitation, agreed” to go to war with Ukraine. By According to the former policeman, he has a “quite in demand” military registration specialty, but he still doubtsthat they will take it. At the same time, Popkov assures that he catches on the fly. “Now everything is more modern – radio electronics. But although I have been in prison for 10 years, I think it will not be so difficult to learn something quickly,” he said.

Popkov operated in the Irkutsk region from 1992 to 2010, but he was only arrested in 2012. The court found the former policeman guilty of killing 22 women and sentenced him to life imprisonment. After a while, dozens of new episodes appeared in the case. In 2018, the court sentenced Popkov to a second life sentence for the murder of 59 people. After that, the maniac confessed to two more murders. For these crimes, he was sentenced to almost 10 more years in a special regime colony.

Prisoners for the war in Ukraine are recruited by Wagner PMC. Its founder, businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, personally travels to the colonies and agitates criminals, including those convicted of murder. They are promised a pardon six months after participating in hostilities.

Recently, Prigozhin announced that the first group of recruited prisoners had completed their contract, and all of them had their criminal records cleared. They were also given awards and allowed to go home. As established journalists of the Russian service of the BBC and the Agency, among them were those convicted of robbery, murder, and drug trafficking.

On the eve it became known that the Ministry of Defense was also engaged in recruiting prisoners. This was told by Leonid Obrazkov, who was captured by Ukraine and spent 20 years in Russian prisons.

Earlier, the State Duma stated that prisoners fighting in Ukraine can make a career in power. As a member of the State Duma Defense Committee, United Russia Andrei Gurulev, explained, such people have all the necessary competencies to work as deputies. At the same time, the law prohibits former convicts under serious articles from being elected to the Duma until the expiration of 10 years from the date of removal or cancellation of the conviction.


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