Air defense systems installed on buildings near the Kremlin in Moscow

Around the Moscow Kremlin began to deploy air defense systems (air defense). The Pantsir S-1 anti-aircraft missile and gun systems were installed on the roofs of the Ministry of Defense building on Frunzenskaya Embankment and the administrative building in Teterinsky Lane near the Taganskaya metro station.

A video of the ZRPK placement on the latter appeared in the Moscow calling telegram channel. In the footage, several people in military uniform are lifting containers with the Pantsir-S1 removed from the wheelbase to the roof. The building houses offices that are rented out for various activities.

Another complex was found on the roof of the main building of the Ministry of Defense. On him noticed OSINT Analyst Michael Borowitz. The photo was commented on by the authors of the pro-Russian telegram channel “Military Informant”, noting that such events “would not be held just like that” – this means that “the military are afraid of a possible strike.”

When the ZRPK was installed is unknown. Presumably, this happened around the new year. At least one of the Instagram users posted a photo with him on January 8th. Later, he supplemented the publication with a link to a photo dated December 25.

Mikhail Zelenskiy

“Pantsir S-1” is designed for close cover of civilian and military facilities, including protection from drones. According to the Ministry of Defense, the complex can detect 30 types of targets and fire at four at the same time. An object The air defense system finds attacks automatically, and the operator carries out its shelling in manual mode.

The defense of Moscow began to be strengthened against the backdrop of sabotage that is taking place closer and closer to the capital. In early January, photographs of S-400 complexes near the Losiny Ostrov National Park and on the experimental fields of the Timiryazev Academy appeared on the network. Moscow The authorities and the Russian Ministry of Defense have not yet commented on this.

Attacks on military airfields in the Ryazan and Saratov regions and statements by the Ukrainian military showed that Moscow is not immune from sabotage either. Earlier, the Moscow Times wrote that “the Kremlin was in shock,” and these fears influenced Vladimir Putin’s decision to cancel a large press conference that has been held annually for the past 10 years. The secret services could not guarantee the president that they would stop attempts of new sabotage in the depths of the country.

Sources of the VChK-OGPU telegram channel, close to law enforcement agencies, noted that the authorities were worried about Moscow’s security back in October, after a drone attack on the Shaikovka military airfield in the Kaluga region, located 250 km from the Kremlin. Subsequently, an inspection of the chain of objects of the “air shield” of the capital in the Moscow region was organized, the results of which turned out to be unsatisfactory. The shortest distance from the border with Ukraine to Moscow by air is about 850 km.

On January 13, Kyiv announced that the creation of an attack drone with a flight range of more than 1,000 km was coming to an end. The drone is capable of carrying a payload of up to 75 kg. Ukroboronprom has already released the first sample and tested it in the air. The representative of the enterprise, Natalya Sad, noted that the development stage had reached a level where it was impossible to disclose any details for reasons of secrecy. The next stage will be a demonstration of the capabilities of the drone to the leadership of the Defense Forces.


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