A US Marine who served in a Russian colony was injured in Ukraine

US Marine Trevor Reed, who was detained in Russia and exchanged in 2022 for pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, was injured in combat in Ukraine. This is reported by The Messenger, citing Pentagon sources.

The White House confirmed the news of Reed’s injury. “We know that Trevor Reed was injured while participating in hostilities in Ukraine,” a U.S. presidential administration official said.

Later, the information was officially confirmed by the US State Department, informs CNN.

According to The Messenger, Reed was injured by shrapnel after hitting a mine about two weeks ago. Publication sources said they were unaware of Reed’s status. One of the interlocutors said that he was first transported from the battlefield to Kiev. He then asked to be transferred to a US military facility in Germany or Poland. Now it’s on its way to Germany. A CNN source also said Reed was sent to Germany.

“Let me be very clear: Reed did not engage in any activity on behalf of the US government. The U.S. government has warned U.S. citizens to refrain from traveling to Ukraine, let alone participating in hostilities, a State Department spokesman told CNN.

According to The Messenger, Reed fought in Ukraine as part of a mercenary group. After being injured, he tried to return to the United States, but contact with the Ukrainian army prevented him from doing so.

Reed was detained in Russia in 2019 while he was in Russia on a tourist visa. The marine got into a conflict with two girls in Moscow and then resisted the police during his arrest. The American was accused of using violence against government officials. In 2020, a court sentenced him to nine years in prison. Reed pleaded not guilty. He stated that he did not remember what happened due to alcohol poisoning.

Already after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, in April 2022, Reed was exchanged for Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko. The latter was serving a sentence in an American colony on charges of planning and preparing the transport of a large shipment of drugs. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Yaroshenko also pleaded not guilty.


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