A Ukrainian drone attacked a gas station in Belgorod

APU UAV equipped with explosives attacked the Gazenergoseti gas pumping station in Belgorod on the evening of March 27, reports the Baza telegram channel.

Fragments of the explosive charge damaged an empty gas tank with a capacity of 30,000 liters and a gas pipeline. The drone was allegedly launched from the city of Volchansk in the Kharkiv region, 6.5 km from the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Since the beginning of the war, drones have been regularly attacking targets in the Belgorod region. So, on February 27, three drones simultaneously hit the capital of the region, governor Vyacheslav Gladkov reported. And the next day, Ukraine carried out the largest drone attack on Russia since the beginning of the war, including in the Belgorod region.

Recently, however, attacks have been increasingly targeted at the central regions of Russia. In particular, during the same attack in February, one drone went down in a village near Kolomna near Moscow. It turned out that it was the UJ-22 unmanned strike aircraft from the Ukrainian manufacturer Ukrjet. The distance from the crash site to the center of Moscow (about 95 km) could be covered by such a drone in about 40 minutes.

On March 26, a drone exploded in the city of Kireevsk in the Tula region. Three people were injured, several private and residential buildings on Dorozhnikova Street were damaged. The explosion shattered windows and cracked walls, and the roof of one building was blown off. The Ministry of Defense said that the explosion was caused by the attack of the Ukrainian Tu-141 drone.

Another drone crashed on March 29 in Novaya Moscow near the railway tracks. The drone was painted in the colors of the Ukrainian flag and had the inscription “Glory to Ukraine” on its wings. For now, it is not known whether the drone was carrying explosives and where it was launched from.


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