A schoolgirl who drew an anti-war cartoon was deprived of her father and sent to a shelter

The police detained a single father, Alexei Moskalev, whose daughter Maria had previously painted anti-war cartoon, reports OVD-Info, citing volunteer Elena Agafonova from the public organization Tula Regional People’s Council.

A 54-year-old man was placed in a temporary detention center. The Juvenile Affairs Committee came for his daughter and took her to the orphanage in Efremowo. The girl’s mother has not lived with her family since she was three years old.

In December, criminal proceedings were instituted against Moskalov for repeatedly discrediting the army (Article 280 § 3 of the Penal Code). He had previously been fined 32 thousand rubles under a similar administrative article (20.3.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses) for a comment in Odnoklassniki with the words “Russian army. The perpetrators are with us.”

According to OVD-Info, the FSB has been collecting information about him for a long time, but active persecution began in April, after Maria’s art teacher complained to the director about the girl’s anti-war drawing. Russian is depicted and Ukrainian flags with the inscriptions “No to War” and “Glory to Ukraine”. Maria also drew a woman who protects a child from missiles flying from the Russian Federation. The director called the police.

Since then, father and daughter have been repeatedly taken to the police station, interrogated by FSB officers, and searched in the family’s apartment. As a result, Moskalev and his daughter left Efremov. After some time, his lawyer Vladimir Bilenko said that the police were looking for the man.

“Apparently, in a new city, Alex got a job. Today he went there, on the way the police saw him and caught him. They brought Masha home, showed the girl that they were taking him, and called the juvenile commission, ”said Agafonova. On March 2, another investigative action will be carried out with the participation of Moskalev.

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation announced its intention to request the prosecutor’s office to put the situation in order. HRC member Eva Merkacheva told RTVI that the story “looks crazy”. “If he’s the only parent then he shouldn’t be stuck like that and leave the child alone. And despite the fact that the girl does not seem to be quite small, she can take care of herself, this is not a reason to send her to a shelter,” Merkacheva emphasized.


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