A resident of Chita who tried to set fire to the mausoleum faces up to seven years in prison

A criminal case was opened under the article on hooliganism against a 37-year-old resident of Chita, who tried to set fire to Lenin’s mausoleum in Moscow. He faces up to seven years in prison, TASS reports, citing police officials.

The day before, on July 17, around 10 p.m., a 37-year-old resident of Chita threw a Molotov cocktail at the mausoleum. The bottle smashed on the cobblestones and caught fire, the mausoleum was not damaged. An administrative report under the article “failure to comply with the lawful request of a police officer” was drawn up against him.

Two months ago, the man was already detained for inappropriate behavior and placed in a psychiatric hospital. According to 112, he was also detained on Red Square with two bottles of gasoline, but he was not charged then.

In March, TASS, citing a law enforcement source, reported the detention of another person who tried to enter the mausoleum in an unsuitable condition, arguing that Vladimir Lenin should “free him from his sins.” In early February, a man who tried to steal Lenin’s body from the mausoleum was also arrested. According to the police, in both cases the detainees were under the influence of alcohol.


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