A detention center is to be built near Vladivostok – The Moscow Times Russian Service

The Federal Penitentiary Service decided to move the detention center from the center of Vladivostok outside the city limits. 22 hectares of land will be allocated for the construction of a new detention center near the village of Knevichi, said Sergei Shipilov, head of the capital construction and repair of the Main Prison Service of Russia in the Primorsky Territory, said Vesti-Vladivostok.

“It will be a whole city with sensitive buildings, a management building, a gym, canteens, a sewing room. Two residential buildings, warehouses and boiler rooms are planned, he clarifies.

At the same time, the Federal Prison Service promises to improve conditions for prisoners, in particular to increase the space per person from four to seven square meters. In addition, the complex will include conference rooms, walking areas and sports grounds.

Shipilov did not disclose the cost of the project. Design and cost documentation will be ready by the end of the year. The construction itself will begin in 2027.

This is the fourth plot earmarked for construction, but the matter has never gone beyond design work, pointed out the Newsvl portal. A contract for certain types of engineering studies for the construction of a 1,000-seat detention center was signed by GUFSIN of Russia in Primorsky Territory with one unspecified supplier back in 2019. The amount was 14 million rubles. No other purchases found.

Currently, the detention center is located on Partizansky Prospect in Vladivostok, in a historic building that is over a hundred years old. In March, President Vladimir Putin proposed to remove the facilities of the Federal Prison Service and the Ministry of Defense from the central parts of the cities of the Far East.

Justice Minister Konstantin Chuichenko announced plans to optimize places of detention. Thus, in Ulan-Ude, a remand center and four institutions of the Federal Prison Service will be combined, in Chita – a remand center and five institutions of the Federal Prison Service. Chuchenko noted that the cost of one such project is estimated at 12 billion rubles, but taking into account the construction time and inflation, it will amount to 20 billion rubles.


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