A contractor from Chelyabinsk was sent to a colony for failing to appear in a mobilization unit

The Chelyabinsk garrison military court sentenced a contract soldier to five years in a general regime colony, who left his place of service without permission and then did not appear at the military unit after the announcement of mobilization, the press service of the court reports.

The name of the military is not called. According to the case file, on May 19, the private was supposed to arrive in Chebarkul to serve under the contract, but left for Chelyabinsk without the permission of the command. In addition, he did not appear in the unit even after the announcement of “partial mobilization” in September.

On September 29, the private was detained on the territory of the Kopeysky urban district and taken to the military commandant’s office. The trial took place on December 26. contractor found guilty of failing to appear at the place of service for more than a month without good reason during the period of mobilization (part 5 of article 337 of the Criminal Code).

Earlier, under the same article, 24-year-old corporal Marcel Kandarov was also sentenced to 5 years in Bashkiria. The contractor did not appear in the unit in May 2022, “not wanting to take part” in the war with Ukraine. The police found and detained him only in September.

In addition, similar criminal prosecution was Sergeant Roman Kashtakov, who received the Hero of Russia for blowing up a column of military equipment in Ukraine. According to the Ministry of Defense, the contractor “destroyed five armored personnel carriers with one shot.” They decided to commute Kashtakov’s punishment, since he was at the front and received a state award: as a result, he was sentenced to two years probation.

Article 337 of the Criminal Code was tightened in the fall of 2022 after the announcement of mobilization: the maximum punishment for it was increased to 10 years in prison.

According to Mediazona, from January to early December, the courts received 948 cases of unauthorized abandonment of the unit. During this time, almost 800 sentences were passed on them. The number of cases increased after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Especially noticeable growth began in the summer.


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