A citizen of Kyrgyzstan was sentenced to 10 years for participating in the war in Ukraine

A court in Bishkek sentenced a Kyrgyz citizen who fought for Russia to 10 years in prison for an article about mercenaries.

The investigation believes that the 31-year-old joined the LPR troops for a reward of 180,000. rubles, participated in intelligence operations using drones. In addition, the accused delivered mortars and ammunition to the front line. His ultimate goal, according to the prosecutor’s office, was to obtain Russian citizenship. In November last year, the man resigned and returned to Bishkek.

The accused pleaded not guilty. He stated that he had not directly participated in the hostilities, but had been in the military registration and enlistment office throughout his service. There, as he himself admits, the man dealt with food deliveries and humanitarian aid for the local population.

By law, citizens of Kyrgyzstan are prohibited from participating in hostilities on the side of other states. Violation is punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

In September last year, after the announcement of mobilization in Russia, the Kyrgyz embassy in the Russian Federation warned citizens against participating in the war in Ukraine. Diplomats asked Kyrgyz who receive summons to participate in the war to report to the embassy immediately.

Last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on simplified acquisition of citizenship for participants in the war in Ukraine. The day before, this right was extended to their relatives.


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