Writer Promises ‘The Last of Us’ Will Not Be Like ‘Game of Thrones’

HBO is planning a big year in 2023, with several exciting new projects on the horizon. One of the most buzzworthy is the upcoming TV series The Last of Us, a show based on the popular video game of the same name. With stars like Pedro Pascal attached to play featured roles and a critically-acclaimed creative team at the helm, the series promises to be can’t-miss viewing. The production team has a lot of confidence in the show. In a recent interview, creator Nick Druckmann opened up about expectations for The Last of Usrevealing why he thinks fans will be very happy with what awaits them in the series.

What did Neil Druckmann say about adapting ‘The Last of Us’ for the small screen?

It is always a gamble when adapting existing content into a television show or a movie. Fans have set expectations for the plot, as well as what the characters might look like and how they will behave in the context of the larger story. When the series inevitably deviates from that source material, fans make their voices heard — such as in the case of the controversial final season of game of Throneswhich disappointed many viewers.

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