Why Song Hye-kyo Was Stunned the K-Drama’s Dark Storyline Was Written by Kim Eun-Sook

The last K-drama to premiere from Netflix promises a worthwhile storyline of dark revenge and retribution. Netflix’s The Glory stars a riveting cast of actors led by Song Hye-kyo in the leading role of Moon Dong-eun. Sweet Home Actor Lee Do-hyun co-stars as a plastic surgeon who helped Dong-eun on her quest for revenge. Writer Kim Eun-sook wrote The Glory about the emotional toll of severe bullying into adulthood, but Song was stunned by Kim’s storyline for a reason.

Song Hye-kyo as Dong-eun and Kim Seun-sook’s ‘The Glory’ | via Netflix

Dong-eun’s spends over a decade planning her revenge in ‘The Glory’

Revenge stories are a popular theme in K-dramas. Over recent years, K-dramas have not shied away from portraying heavy storylines about the immense emotional and physical impact of bullying among teens. The bullying thread is seen in various genres, from romances like True Beauty, Weak Hero Class 1and the Korean anime Lookism.

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