Why Niall Horan Refuses to Watch His Season on TV

Former One Direction member Niall Horan is one of the newcomer coaches on The Voice Season 23, which was partially filmed last year. He had a blast working with his team and fellow coaches Chance the Rapper, Kelly Clarkson, and Blake Shelton. However, Horan has no plans to relive those memories by watching season 23 as it airs on television. Here’s why he refuses to watch himself on The Voice.

Niall Horan on ‘The Voice’ Season 23 | Evans Vestal Ward/NBC

Niall Horan said he refuses to watch himself on ‘The Voice’ Season 23

For those who don’t know Horan, he gained fame as a member of One Direction when the boy band competed on The X Factor in 2010. At the time, he was just 16 years old. One Direction became hugely popular after the competition and released music together until 2016. After that, Horan launched a solo career.

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