Why Did the Brown Family Move from Lehi to Las Vegas?

Family drama can draw more viewers into a reality TV show than anything else. Sister Wives It is a unique situation, though. The series wrapped its 17th season on Jan. 8. Weeks after the tell-all episode aired on TLC, the series suddenly has more eyes on it than ever before. That’s likely because family members, including several of the Brown family’s adult children, opted to spill tea when the season ended. We should go back to the beginning for followers who are new to the Browns and their polygamist lifestyle. Let’s recap what happened when the Sister Wives cast made the move from Lehi to Las Vegas.

The Brown family moved from Lehi, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada, in a very dramatic fashion

Season 1 of Sister Wives was spent introducing the world to Kody Brown and his wives, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown, and the family’s newest addition, Robyn Brown. While much of season 1 focused on Robyn joining the family as Kody’s fourth wife, a subplot circled in the background.

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