Where Is the ‘Blossom’ Cast Now?

Family sitcoms have long been a TV staple bolstered by their ability to bring in viewers of a wide age range and provide families with entertainment they can watch together. In 1990, the NBC series blossom Premiered and kicked off five seasons of ups and downs for its titular character. Where did the cast members end up, and what are they doing now?

‘Blossom’ followed a teen girl in an unconventional family

Blossom Russo was a likable, kind girl raised by a single dad. She lived with him and her two older brothers, giving her a unique family arrangement. Surrounded by men, Blossom found solace in her de ella best friend, Six, who was also something of a mischievous partner in crime. The series followed the ups and downs of teenage life with typical fare of school drama, crushes, and learning life lessons, all with the added complexity of Blossom’s unique family situation.

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