Where Fans Have Seen ASA Nina Chapman Actor Sara Bues Before

NBC’s Chicago P.D. Season 10 finale is here, and fans get to see how the Intelligence Unit attempts to bring down drug kingpin and white supremacist Richard Beck. The episode also sees the return of ASA Nina Chapman played by actor Sara Bues. So, where have fans seen Bues before? Here’s what to know about the actor.

Where have fans seen Nina Chapman actor Sara Bues before the ‘Chicago PD’ Season 10 finale?

Hank Voight and Nina Chapman in the ‘Chicago PD’ Season 10 finale | Lori Allen/NBC

Sara Bues plays Nina Chapman, an Assistant State’s Attorney who’s a force to be reckoned with. She’s featured in the Chicago P.D. Season 10 finale, and she’s been on the show previously. Fans likely recognize her de ella from past episodes of the series. She got her start on Chicago P.D. in the season 9 finale, “You and Me.” Bues appeared in five episodes total, including season 10 episode 16 — the episode that actor Jesse Lee Soffer directed. Season 10 episode 13, titled “The Ghost in You,” centered on Nina Chapman and Hank Voight’s budding working relationship.

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