What is HBO Max’s ‘The Last of Us’ Based On?

The wait is finally over. The Last of Us will begin streaming on HBO Max on Jan. 15. The upcoming series has been much anticipated, specifically by video game fans. While video game fans are sure to make up a large portion of the show’s viewership, it is likely to collect new fans, too. After all, The Last of Us sets out to revive the zombie genre. The upcoming series isn’t original content, though. So what is upcoming action series based on? We have all the answers.

What is HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’ based on?

The upcoming HBO series, The Last of Us, is based on a video game franchise of the same name. The original game was released in 2012 to rave reviews. In 2020, a second installment of the game was released by Playstation, once again to rave reviews.

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