‘There’s More to This Than Meets the Eye’ [Exclusive Clip]

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‘Real Murders of Orange County’ dives into a case with some of the biggest twists and turns ever.

Oxygen’s true-crime docuseries Real Murders of Orange County revisits one of the most shocking and disturbing murder mysteries that had the system fooled until years later.

In the upcoming episode, “Stolen Youth” Linda Marie Brown, a young mother is killed in her own bed in what seems to be a sudden crime of rage. But the true killer is shockingly revealed years later to be a twisted master of manipulation.

The murder was pinned on the young mother’s teenage stepdaughter, Cinnamon Brown. But during her trial of her, investigators noticed extremely bizarre behavior from the murder victim’s husband, David Brown, who sat in the courtroom. This bizarre behavior became one of many red flags in this case.

David Brown’s courtroom behavior was shocking

In an exclusive clip shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, investigators recalled how David was “never around” throughout Cinnamon’s trial. Investigators thought it was strange that David didn’t attend the trial, but they were given a doctor’s note, stating that he was in poor health.

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“Within two weeks, on August the 12th in 1985 there was a sentencing hearing,” an investigator shared in the episode. “I noticed that David was there. Sitting directly behind Cinnamon’s mother, who was at the trial from the very beginning.”

And while investigators were surprised to see David in court, his behavior is what really caught their eye. “David’s demeanor was bizarre,” the investigators recalled. “He didn’t really focus on Cinnamon. He focused on his ex-wife of him in front of him. And acting like a teenager. A teenager tormenting a girl. Pulling at her hair from her. Things that were inappropriate for what was going on in front of him.”

His bizarre behavior tipped off investigators

David’s antics appeared even more glaring when the judge announced Cinnamon’s sentence. “Cinnamon was sentenced to 27 years to life that day,” the investigator said. “But David appeared to have no feeling at all for what was happening.”

“His behavior was so inappropriate,” he added. “I’m watching David and the way he was acting. I literally told myself there’s more to this than meets the eye.”

The ‘Teflon Murderer’ case is filled with bizarre twists and turns

What appeared to be an open and shut case gets turned upside down when Cinnamon finally reveals the truth behind what really happened and why Linda Marie Brown was murdered.

The truth unravels long after Cinnamon’s trial as more evidence and a jailhouse murder plot are revealed to authorities. Ultimately, Linda Marie Brown’s true killer is exposed in what became one of the most explosive and shocking cases in the late 80s.

The murder, trial, and conviction ultimately inspired a few books and a miniseries in the early 90s. This included the NBC miniseries, Love, Lies and Murder. Clancy Brown played David Brown, Moira Kelly as Cinnamon, Sheryl Lee as the lover/sister-in-law/6th wife and Cynthia Nixon played Donna.

Oxygen’s true-crime docuseries Real Murders of Orange County “Stolen Youth” airs on Friday, July 21 at 9 pm ET/PT.

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