The Real Reason Why 1 Hated Character Left and Never Returned

Over 10 seasons, the hit show friends saw more than its fair share of guest stars and recurring characters; some were more well-received than others. The six main cast members had many love interests over the years, some who barely lasted an episode and others who stayed a bit longer. Naturally, there were some characters, such as Chandler’s ex-girlfriend, Janice, who made appearances in every season of the show. Still, there was one who, although originally intended to be an important part of the sitcom, departed and was never seen again. Here is the real reason why one hated character on friends left and never returned.

Why did ‘Friends’ fans hate Emily?

As any hardcore friends fan knows, everyone was rooting for Ross and Rachel from the beginning. However, the two of them had only been broken up a short time when Ross met Emily Waltham, who, ironically, was the niece of Rachel’s boss. After only knowing each other for six weeks, the two got engaged and then married in London a week later, but no one was really rooting for Emily after that. why? Well, it turns out she did not exactly forgive her husband when he famously – albeit accidentally – said Rachel’s name de ella at the altar, and she became extremely overbearing and possessive as a result.

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