‘The Office’ Asked a ‘Simpsons’ Writer to Play Michael Scott Before They Cast Steve Carell

Doing an American remake of The office required NBC to find a star as major as Ricky Gervais. Steve Carell ultimately fit the bill as American The office manager Michael Scott. Before they found Carell, Nick Offerman auditioned. The office‘s Rainn Wilson auditioned for Michael before he was cast as Dwight. But, creator Greg Daniels asked a writer on the simpsons to audition too.

Steve Carell | Justin Lubin/NBCU Photo Bank

Mike Reiss told the story of his michael scott The office audition on the June 2, 2021 episode of the Hollywood & Levine podcast. Reiss wrote episodes of the simpsons in the ’90s as well as The Simpsons Movie, and has been a producer of all seasons.

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