‘The Glory’ K-Drama Gets a Twist as Director Admits to School Bullying

The Netflix K-drama, The Glory has re-sparked popularity as it premiered its second had of the first season. Its storyline has captured global attention as writer Kim Eun-seok was inspired by real-life bullying stories and a haunting question her daughter asked her. But as fans watched The Glory Part 2 continues Dong-eun’s quest for revenge, they never expected the K-drama director to be exposed for past bullying.

Director Ahn Gil-ho at ‘The Glory’ press conference | via Netflix

Real-life events inspired ‘The Glory’ main character’s story

Dong-eun was the victim of heinous bullying as a teenager by a group of wealthy and elite students led by Yeon-jin. The brutality she experienced from her almost pushed her to the edge of death until she realized they did not deserve to win. Instead, Dong-eun gives up her lifelong dream of becoming an architect, drops out of school, and plans her revenge on her. Almost two decades later, she has perfected her plan to tear apart the lives of her bullies. All the while, she never committed a crime or got her hands dirty.

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