The 5 Worst Seasons, Ranked

CBS has released 44 seasons of survivor Since 2000, and with that many iterations of the reality competition series, some are bound to be flops. The producers are constantly trying new things, leading to massive success (re: hidden immunity idols), and others have been complete hits and misses (re: Edge of Extinction). But bad twists and themes aren’t the only contributors to the criteria of the show’s worst seasons; Sometimes, a cast can lead to a season’s downfall. Read on for our five least favorite survivor competitions.

Jeff Probst | Photo by Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

5. ‘Survivor 43’ was one of the most disappointing seasons

Survivor 43 had the potential to be one of the best seasons of the “new era.” Unfortunately, poor editing, unclear storytelling, a heartbreaking exit due to a frustrating fire-making twist, and a baffling winner made it one of the worst seasons ever.

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