The 5 Most Unexpected ‘Big Brother’ Moments in 2022, Ranked

Big Brother 24 It was a rollercoaster ride from the first night, and it would continue to yield unexpected moments until its finale three months later. As a side note, we know there was another Big Brother season in 2022 — Celebrity Big Brother 3. However, season 24 had so much going on that it’s easy to forget everything that happened in the spinoff. So the list below exclusively includes moments from Big Brother 24.

Taylor Hale | Photo: CBS

5. Daniel’s blowup during week three

Taylor Hale was a preseason favorite among Big Brother fans in 2022. However, from the first night, it was clear that she would have an uphill journey in the game. The women unfairly labeled her as a “pageant girl” who would use her looks from her to seduce the men. They teamed up against her, and soon, the whole house carried that false narrative about Taylor.

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