The 4 Best Guesses for Medusa, Ranked

The Masked Singer Season 9 is almost halfway finished, and the competition is heating up with multiple talented vocalists. Medusa nearly went home in the first group, but the judges chose to save her with the Ding Dong Keep It On bell. As a result, she’ll compete in the quarterfinals in a few weeks. That gives The Masked Singer fans plenty of time to speculate on Medusa’s identity—and there have been quite a few guesses so far. Here are the best ones, ranked from most to least likely to be correct.

Medusa performs on ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 9 | fox

1.Bishop Briggs

The overwhelmingly popular guess among fans for Medusa on The Masked Singer is Bishop Briggs. On top of having a voice and mannerisms that match the British singer-songwriter, all of Medusa’s clues can be traced back to Briggs. For example, she mentioned success coming from “the grayest of places,” which could reference Briggs’ song from the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack. She was also born in London (the Buckingham Palace clue) and moved to Tokyo in 1996 (the plane ticket). Medusa’s clue package even included a bishop chess piece.

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