Teresa Giudice Plans to Relocate to California

The Real Housewives of New Jersey wouldn’t be the same without its table-flipping superstar, Teresa Giudice. She’s the only remaining original cast member, and much of the show revolves around her de ella co-stars ‘drama de ella with her de ella. But they may have to find another person to fight with, as Giudice revealed that she’s ready to trade in the Garden State for sunny California.

Teresa Giudice | Charles Sykes/Bravo

Teresa Giudice plans to relocate to California after her youngest daughter graduates high school

Giudice was born and raised in New Jersey, and has never lived in a different state. She also raised her four daughters in her hometown of hers. But now that she’s newly married and her girls are growing older, she says it’s time for a change. And she has her eyes set on the West Coast.

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