Taylor Sheridan Refused to Back Down From His Insane Demands When He Originally Pitched ‘Yellowstone’ — ‘It’s Going to Cost $90–$100 Million’

Taylor Sheridan had never produced a TV series when he pitched yellowstone to the Paramount Network in 2017. After acting in numerous small roles since the 1990s — which included Deputy David Hale on Sons of Anarchy —Sheridan ditched acting for writing and producing in the early 2010s. And when he found himself in front of network execs pitching his neo-western, Sheridan refused to back down from his insane demands.

‘Yellowstone’ creator Taylor Sheridan | Omar Vega/Getty Images

Taylor Sheridan’s impressive film scripts got him a meeting with Paramount

Sheridan says that when he quit acting, he had no idea how to write. He says he maxed out his wife Nicole’s credit card to buy Final Draft — the only software used in Hollywood to write scripts — and went to work.

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