‘Sweet Home’ Actor Go Min-si Officially Wraps Filming Seasons 2 and 3

One of Netflix’s most anticipated K-dramas of the year is Sweet Home Season 2. In June 2022, Netflix announced the hit apocalyptic drama would get a second season, as fans anticipated, and a third season. Song Kang would return to his leading webtoon role as Cha Hyun-soo, along with some of the original cast. Actor Go Min-si officially announced she has finished filming Sweet Home Season 2 and 3.

Go Min-si as Eun-yoo for ‘Sweet Home’ Season 2. | via Netflix

Go Min-si played the charismatic role of Lee Eun-yoo in ‘Sweet Home’

The entire storyline of the K-drama takes place within a residential building as Hyun-soo becomes a new tenant after losing his family. Like most buildings, there are a few secrets to its bizarre tenants. Fans met Go as the character Eun-yoo when Hyun-soo was standing on the ledge of the roof of the building. As he was ready to step off, he saw Eun-yoo behind him, gracefully doing ballet. Until she steps in gum and curses.

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