‘Sister Wives’ Star Gwendlyn Recalls Meri Being ‘Violent’ During Her Childhood, Confirming Paedon’s Abuse Allegations

Paedon Brown made abuse allegations against his step-mom and Sister Wives star Meri Brown in a recent interview. Her sister, Gwendlyn Brown, confirms her estranged brother’s allegations by revealing what she witnessed during her childhood.

Meri Brown, ‘Sister Wives’ | FTA

Paedon accuses Meri of being abusive

On January 11, Paedon Brown did a three-hour-long interview live on YouTube with John Yates. A viewer asked Paedon about Meri coming off as “abrasive and kind of mean.” Paedon claimed those words weren’t enough to describe having Meri as a stepmother. “Meri was not nice… Abrasive is not enough of a word to explain what Meri was to a few of us children specifically,” he said.

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