‘Sister Wives’ Fans Think Robyn Brown Revealed She Was a Golddigger in the Family’s Memoir

Kody Brown is no longer in a polygamist marriage. The Brown family patriarch has split from three of his four wives from him in the last 12 months, with his fourth and legal wife being the only one who has remained by his side from him. While Kody Brown and Robyn Brown certainly seemed to enjoy spending time together now, Sister Wives Fans aren’t entirely convinced Robyn Brown wasn’t seeing dollar signs instead of love when she first met Kody Brown.

Robyn Brown said she noticed the Brown family cars when she first met them

In Chapter 4 of the family’s memoir Becoming Sister Wives, Robyn recalled her early interactions with the Brown family. After meeting Meri and Kody at a church-sponsored event, she agreed to connect with them again at their home, meeting Janelle and Christine Brown, too. A family member accompanied her.

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