‘Sister Wives’ Fans Disgusted by Kody Brown’s Discussion About His Sons’ Sex Lives in Tell-All Finale

Several of Kody Brown’s adult children have opted to avoid contact with him. After years of favoritism and a lack of effort on Kody’s part, several Brown children have decided they aren’t interested in fostering a relationship with Kody any longer. That decision might have been a good one, argue Sister Wives fans. Fans of the series are livid after Kody made meaning remarks about his sons’ sex lives in the season 17 tell-all episode.

Kody Brown references sons with Janelle in the tell-all episodes

Trouble between Kody and his adult children might have been brewing for a while, but the tension reached a boiling point during the coronavirus (COVID-19). Gabriel and Garrison Brown both refused to follow Kody’s excessive coronavirus precautions. Both boys opted to continue going to work and seeing their romantic partners during the height of the virus. Kody insisted that he made it impossible for him to visit his children and their mothers.

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