Shaquille Stuns Kirsten With Pre-Honeymoon Bombshell

The weddings are over and the honeymoons are about to start for the Married at First Sight Season 16 couples. But one just-wed pair might not be jetting off to Jamaica with the rest of the show’s cast. In a teaser for the Jan. 25 episode of MAFS, Shaquille drops a bomb on Kirsten when he tells her that he wants to delay their vacation so he can attend a work conference.

Does Shaquille put work before his marriage in the next episode of ‘Married at First Sight’?

Up until now, Shaquille, 31, has put his career as a university administrator before a romantic relationship. By signing up for Married at First Sight, he was hoping to be matched with an equally ambitious woman who could be his partner in life and in love. He may have found it in Kirsten, a career-focused real estate agent who wants a husband as accomplished as she is. But is Shaquille ready to make space in his life de ella for his wife de ella? A teaser (via Twitter) for the next episode suggests that might be a challenge for him.

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