‘Sex and the City’ Costume Designer Explained Why Carrie Bradshaw Wore Manolo Blahniks

Today, Manolo Blahnik is a household name. Anyone with even a passing interest in footwear has most likely heard of the luxury shoe brand. In the mid-1990s, that was not the case. Back then, Manolo Blahnik was a far more niche brand. So, how did the niche shoe brand end up on Sex and the City? The world has costume designer Patricia Field to thank. The famous stylist revealed how Manolo Blahnik became Carrie Bradshaw’s preferred shoe brand during Sex and the City’s early years.

Patricia Field used an existing connection to get Carrie Bradshaw in Manolo Blahniks

Patricia Field was responsible for all of the fashionable looks in sex and the city. While Field is not associated with the show’s controversial reboot, she’s still more than happy to discuss her time on the original series’ set. In February, Field penned an article for The Daily Mail and shared exactly how Manolo Blahnik became Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite shoe brand.

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