Rory Gilmore and Lane Kim Both Put Down Other Women Needlessly

Gilmore Girls fans return to the series year after year. The exceptional storytelling, complex interpersonal relationships, and whole town of Stars Hollow are often credited for the show’s staying power. While the show is absolutely positive, Gilmore Girls still had some problematic moments. For example, Lane Kim and Rory Gilmore were guilty of putting down other women for no reason. We’ve collected three examples of Rory and Lane being absolutely awful to other women.

Rory Gilmore put down any woman who showed an attraction to her romantic interests, past and present

Rory Gilmore had a horrible habit of lashing out at other girls, especially those involved with her romantic interests. She was pretty terrible to Shane, Jess Mariano’s romantic interest of her. She was also incredibly judgmental of Lindsay Lister, despite knowing Lindsay well and considering her a nice person at one point.

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