Penn Badgley Teases a Scene Where Joe Is ‘Covered in Blood’

you returns with season 4 in 2023, and it sounds like the new season will have a fair amount of gore. Penn Badgley is no stranger to working with fake blood and body parts, thanks to his killer character from him, but it’s far from his favorite thing about acting in the Netflix series. The actor recently gave a brief tease of a scene from the new season where his character Joe Goldberg is covered in blood.

Penn Badgley | Jim Spellman/Getty Images

‘You’ is filled with bloody scenes and gruesome moments

Penn Badgley now has years of experience playing stalker/serial killer Joe Goldberg in you. The Netflix series features some pretty graphic and gruesome scenes throughout its three seasons so far. Badgley is a part of the show’s most stomach-churning moments, and they can certainly be rough to film.

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