Penn Badgley Reveals What Was Cut From Shocking ‘You’ Episode

Fans are thrilled with the return of a fan-favorite Netflix psychological thriller, you, for its fourth season. The series kicks off with Joe in London under a new identity — Professor Jonathan Moore. This time around, he tries to keep a low profile but as expected, that doesn’t last too long. Joe ends up intertwined in a murder mystery, but surprisingly, he’s not the killer. The show doesn’t shy away from violence, but there was one scene that had to be changed because, even for “You,” it went too far.

The tables turn on Joe Goldberg in ‘You’ Season 4

Actor Penn Badgley backstage at “Late Night With Seth Meyers” I Lloyd Bishop/NBC via Getty Images

The fourth season of you was released in two parts, five episodes each. Part 1 was released on February 9 and Part 2 came a few weeks later on March 9. Through previous seasons, Joe has been the orchestrator of several murders and cover-ups. But the tables have turned on Joe.

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