New TLC Series ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Explores the Complexities of Polyandry

The newest TLC series, Seeking Brother Husband, delves into the unexplored world of couples seeking another husband to add to the family. After TLC garnered major success for documenting polygamist families on Seeking Sister Wife and Sister Wives, they’re now exploring a new unconventional polyandry lifestyle. Here’s what we know about the new series.

‘Seeking Brother Husband’ | FTA

what is ‘Seeking Brother Husband’?

For years, TLC audiences have complained about the lack of diversity, only showing polygamist families but never the opposite. Seeking Brother Husband is an all-new original series that follows four polyandrous families at different stages of adding another husband. The show will document the growing pains of the four couples as they welcome another man into their relationships.

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