‘NCIS’ Star Mark Harmon Is Returning to Primetime This Fall — But It’s Not What Fans May Think

Mark Harmon, the former star of NCIS, is making a comeback to primetime on CBS this fall. But this isn’t the return that fans might be expecting.

The current strikes by the Writers Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild have put a halt on numerous TV shows, including ‘NCIS’ Season 21. CBS is improvising with an unexpected approach to keep viewers hooked, and that means bringing Harmon back into the spotlight.

Mark Harmon | Eddy Chen/CBS via Getty Images

Mark Harmon is returning to primetime in an unexpected way

NCIS Fans will be glad to hear that Harmon is returning to the primetime slot on CBS.

The Writers Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild are currently striking, causing a pause in the production of numerous TV series. This includes season 21 of NCIS.

However, the much-loved show isn’t leaving CBS’s Fall 2023 lineup.

In lieu of new episodes, CBS plans to fill the NCIS slot with a selection of standout episodes from past seasons. Per Monsters and Critics, the network hopes to deliver a refreshing contrast to the influx of upcoming reality shows with these “encore” episodes.

This move ensures that fans can continue to enjoy their favorite crime drama every Monday night. The reruns also mean that viewers can anticipate seeing Harmon in prime time again.

The only catch, of course, is that Harmon isn’t involved in shooting any fresh episodes.

‘NCIS’ star gives fans an update on Season 21

Amid Harmon’s exciting return, current NCIS star Brian Dietzen just gave fans an update on season 21. And it might disappoint viewers.

Sharing his Greek holiday highlights with his wife, Kelly Dietzen, on social media, the actor playfully suggested it’s time for him to return to his professional obligations.

Only, he isn’t quite sure when he’s supposed to report to work.

“Now back to work… eventually? Until then, I’ll be on the picket lines,” he wrote.

Dietzen’s remarks were a nod to the ongoing Hollywood strikes disrupting shows across all channels. Regrettably, Dietzen, known for his role as Dr. Jimmy Palmer, did not indicate when he might step back onto the NCIS set.

The cast and crew of the beloved crime drama were slated to start working on season 21 by now. However, judging from Dietzen’s comments, it appears that even he is unsure when production will resume.

This is when season 21 of ‘NCIS’ might premiere

Pinpointing the release date for fresh NCIS episodes is a challenge. While fans are probably happy to see Harmon back in action, it might be a while before season 21 hits the screens.

Speculation is rife that the ongoing strikes in Hollywood may extend into 2024 due to the stalled negotiations.

The presence of NCIS cast members alongside the writers on the picket lines signals that producing new content is still a distant reality. Nothing can proceed until fresh contracts are inked for the writers and cast – a process usually completed by the summer for a fall release.

But that’s off the table this year, throwing the production schedule off-kilter.

In a nutshell, fans probably won’t see any new NCIS episodes this year. If the strike ends soon, however, there’s a chance the series will return in 2024.

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