Nadia Is Joe’s New Paco/Ellie

Netflix recently released information about new characters, such as Nadia, that will appear in you Season 4. Amy Leigh Hickman’s character Nadia is a student at the university where Joe teaches. Joe often has a soft spot for children or young people and goes out of his way to help and protect them. The role might be fulfilled by Nadia in season 4.

Amy-Leigh Hickman as Nadia Farran in ‘You’ Season 4 | Netflix

Joe Goldberg tries to help young people throughout ‘You’

Joe Goldberg is a stalker and serial killer who has murdered quite a few people throughout you. Penn Badgley has stated his belief that the series is “not a clinical portrayal of a serial killer.” He told Insider, “I think it’s intended to function as a social commentary.”

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