Kwame and Micah’s Pool Party Convo Is Giving Cole/Colleen Vibes

As fans dive into Love Is Blind Season 4, which premiered on March 24 on Netflix, one scene might cause viewers to have flashbacks of season 3. Love Is Blind Season 3 featured one of the most polarizing couples in the series of the show with Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey. The dust from the relationship seems to have settled, but a conversation between Kwame and Micah definitely reminds us of a similar pool party conversation between Cole and Colleen Reed.

‘Love Is Blind’ stars Kwame and Micah’s pool convo is giving us flashbacks. | Cr.Netflix

A quick refresher on the ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3 pool party drama

For those needing a quick refresher on pool party drama from Love Is Blind Season 3, look no further. The engaged couples enjoyed a vacation together after meeting face-to-face in the pods. Cole and Colleen struck up a conversation at the cast pool party. Cole and Colleen both developed feelings for one another in the pods, but each decided to pursue a relationship with someone else. However, after seeing Colleen in person, Cole told her that she was the “type” of woman he normally dated. Later, Zanab and Cole discussed the conversation, and Zanab expressed that his words about her hurt her feelings about her. Matt Bolton, Colleen’s fiancé, felt the conversation was inappropriate as well.

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