Kody and Robyn’s Relationship Is the Most Toxic of Them All

Season 17 Sister Wives tell-all is being largely seen as a disappointment by fans. Over the last month, fans of the reality TV series have taken to Reddit and social media to lament the “softball” questions that were asked during the three-part special. Now that the season has officially closed, there is a lot to unpack. Kody Brown appears to have walked away from the season with just a single functioning marriage, but is it all that functioning? After part three of the tell-all special, we think it can be argued that Kody Brown and his remaining wife, Robyn Brown, have the most toxic relationship of them all.

Kody and Robyn’s relationship seems incredibly toxic

Despite Kody Brown favoring his fourth wife, the season 17 tell-all episode proved once and for all that the couple’s relationship is no better than Kody’s relationship with his other three wives. If you look closely, their relationship appears to be even more toxic and transactional than the others.

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