Judy Norton of ‘The Waltons’ Confesses That Some Fans Can Be ‘Inappropriate’

It’s been decades since CBS’s hit series The Waltons went off the air. But the show about a close-knit family making do during the Depression era still has a loyal fanbase. Just ask Judy Norton, who played Mary Ellen Walton. The actor is used to being approached in public by people who recognize her from TV. While she says that most fans simply want to share their appreciation of her for The Waltons and her work, a few can be a little over-enthusiastic.

Judy Norton says it’s ‘wonderful’ to hear from fans

Peter Fox as Rev. Hank Buchanan and Judy Norton as Mary Ellen Walton in ‘The Waltons’ || CBS via Getty Images

On her YouTube channel, Norton often answers questions about her experience on the show. Recently, she responded to a fan who wanted to know how she handled being in the public eye and interacting with fans.

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